Annarita Gentile  MSS LSW

My thoughts about psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

So often we can go through times of struggle and pain.  This is part of living in a complicated world. Everyday living can have the quality of strife from feelings of low self worth and lack of confidence.

       Life holds many times of loss and confusion. Symptoms such as anxiety and depression in varying degrees can be felt.  One can also suffer with physical pain such as migraines, chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, stomach discomfort and other pain that is exacerbated by stress.  Stress can come from employment situations, domestic involvements with family members, or personal or academic relationships. 

    Therapy is a treatment to relieve pain. Psychotherapy can be supportive and valuable in providing an outlet. It is comforting to have someone listen.

    Psychoanalysis, a historic form of treatment now modernized , is a method for a deeper exploration into the source of undefined personal struggles.  Self understanding leads managing life’s twists and turns with more success.    


General Information

I accept Aetna and members of  Philadelphia Teamsters.

If you do not have the above insurances, we can arrange a fee or discuss insurances that will pay out-of-network reimbursements.

I see adults ages 16- 60+. I do individual, couples and when needed, family therapy. I am experienced in dealing with anxiety, depression, bi polar disorder, and post divorce recovery.  I see medical professionals as well as academics. I specialize in addiction counseling, and sports psychotherapy related to golf. I also have a specialized treatment for creative writers and artists. 

I practice  psychotherapy which can be supportive or expressive, psychodynamic psychoanalysis and psychoanalysis. Either of this can be discussed as needed.